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Video: Episode 11 Full Half Hour Christmas Season Show

The full show for episode 11 is now available for viewing on the website. It will continue to air throughout the Christmas season on Shaw and we’ll have the first episode of the new year airing on January 6th, 2011. Have a great holiday season everyone. In this episode:

  • A great interview with Natalie Peace the owner of Booster Juice who offers some sage advice for young entrepreneurs
  • Dean and Peter offer a commentary and review of the teams strategies for 2010
  • We have some great 2010 bloopers from the filming of the show
  • and, we finish with seasons greetings from the staff at Race To A Million HQ

You can watch the video by going here … http://www.racetoamillion.ca/sponsors/full-shows-on-shaw-tv/

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