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August 24 2011

May 09 2011

Video: Building on Industry: Vicci Weller

Vicci Weller the Executive Director of Film for the Thompson Nicola Film Commission came to Mastermind Studio’s to take a look at the advancements we are making. Find out what she has to say about the new location!! Fast Tube by Casper

May 06 2011

Video: Workplace Wellness Pt. 2: Lynn Roberts

The second segment of Workplace Wellness is here! This time with Lynn Roberts from Innergy Corporate Yoga, she’s the yoga expert. In the studio Lynn showed us a few tips on keeping active in the office. Fast Tube by Casper

April 29 2011

Video: Biz Apps Ep. 23

The latest edition of BIZ APPS is here!! This episode Peter and Dean are taking you a step further in technology to help take your business a step further with the new, trendy technology of tablets. Dean has finally discovered the iworld of Apple with his new iPad while Peter’s explores the universe of Android [...]

April 28 2011

Video: Workplace Wellness- Melanie Pouliot

It’s all about new things, new ventures, new ideas and NEW SEGMENTS! Over the next few weeks we will be running a series of short segments called Workplace Wellness: Eating right and Staying Healthy. Melanie Pouliot a holistic nutritionist kicks off our first segment in the series!! Her experience in the nutritional industry paired with [...]

April 25 2011

Video: RTAM Half Time Show – Team TRU

Team TRU put on a fun, exciting, Race to a Million half time event, held at the Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge. Trent Hardaker, Bernie Warren and Lisa Ottenbreit gave us a few words on planning the half time show as well as the overall outcome of the event. Check it out in the link [...]

April 20 2011

Video: Expanding Business – Ai Technology Services

Ramsey Lightfoot and Sean Coyle, owners of Ai Technology Services, recently made their debut in a new store front location to enhance their business aesthetics and to expand into bigger things. We followed them through the whole process off making that adjustment to a public location! Check out the link below and give us the [...]

April 19 2011

April 04 2011

Video: Reducing Stress

Michael Koehn, a member of Team Genie, teaches us a simple way to reduce your stress level at work. The BC Association of Clinical Counselors and Sahali Center Mall paired together with Michael to do a public education seminar. Monitoring your heart rate and nervous system is one subject he spoke about. If you want [...]

March 24 2011

March 23 2011

Video: Art of Doing Business Series: Mentorship Breakfast

On the morning of the last day of the Art of Doing Business Series, Canada’s Mastermind Development Corporation held a private breakfast for race participants as well as other selected individuals including our featured guests which are Tom Matzen, Allen Bonk, Phil Holland and of course Diane Buckner! Take a look at what they had [...]

March 22 2011

Video: Art of Doing Business Series: Business Fast Pitch Competition – Highlights

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the Art of Doing Business Series conference you can watch it all online right here on our website. We will be releasing each event separately so you know exactly what happened, it’ll be like you didn’t miss a thing!! In this video we highlight the top [...]

March 21 2011

March 18 2011

Video: Sponsor Spotlight – TRU School of Business & Economics Ep. 17

Dr. Hafiz Rahman, the Associate Dean of the TRU School of Business & Economics joins in the studio to lend us some of his knowledge. Additionally we shine the spotlight on them to recognize their recent sponsorship of our event The Art of Doing Business Series. Fast Tube by Casper

March 11 2011

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