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March 11 2011

Video: Student Insight Ep. 17

For episode 17 we talked to all the student participants in the Race to a Million and had a chance to get some insight on what it’s like competing in a business competition with little business experience, against those who have been doing business for much longer. Check it out and give us the thumbs [...]

March 10 2011

Flash Mob Dance Improv at Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops BC – Gotta See!

On March 5th, 2011, at Aberdeen Mall in Kamloops, BC, Canada, unsuspecting shoppers, participants and audience members got a great surprise while enjoying the Business Fast Pitch Competition from the Race to a Million entrepreneurial social reality TV show. Over 50 dancers from Sista's Love To Dance Studio broke out into spontaneous music and dance during the intermission of the show being hosted in the mall. Click the title to watch the video!

March 02 2011

March 01 2011

Video: Biz Apps Ep. 16

Biz Apps!!! Time for more battle of the hand helds, this week Dean goes up against the fierce and fiery Kimberely Eibel and her brand new HTC Desire Z which uses Android as its operating platform. Find out what our Marketing Director has to say about her new mobile device, as well as her tips [...]

Video: TRU World – Wes Koczka – Ep. 17

If you are planning to do business over seas you will want watch this video. Wes Koczka from TRU World talks to Peter about the impact TRU World has  on the university, as well as some things to be aware of if you are doing business internationally, check it out! Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Pitch Business Competition Finalists Selected

Once again we are reminded that Kamloops is full of creative entrepreneurs and incredible talent. Choosing the finalists for the Fast Pitch Competition at Aberdeen Mall for this coming weekend has not been as easy as we had anticipated. There have been many great submissions but we have finally come to our top eight who will be pitching their creative business ideas and start-up businesses on Saturday to our expert panel of judges. Please click the title to see who they are ...

February 25 2011

Episode 18 – Make-A-Wish Come True

Episode 18 of the Race to a Million is dedicated to Marc Pouliot and his parents Melanie and Leo. Their message of inspiration and hope inspires us even more to continue our message that businesses should not only focus on making money but also on making a difference for it's there that we find more passion and reason for life. In business we sometimes say "Seize the day!" but Marc would have us "Squeeze The Day" instead ... Squeeze every ounce of awesome out of it that you can get! Thank you Marc.

February 21 2011

Episode 17 – A focus on TRU Business and Students

Episode 17 of the Race to a Million can now be viewed on the website. This week we have a TRU theme to the Race. We take a look at what's happening with the teams, what it's like to be a student and a participant in the Race, the Associate Dean of the School of Business and Economics joins us in the study to talk about sponsoring the upcoming Art of Doing Business Series, and we head up to TRU for International Days and speak with TRU World about their marketing efforts to International students.

February 16 2011

Video: Charity Spotlight: Local SPCA Ep. 16

Have you been supporting your local SPCA? The alliance of Team TRU and Team Alpha are planning on supporting the SPCA in a VERY BIG WAY. Learn more about the SPCA and the reasons why these two teams have chosen to work along side them, as well as what you can do to help them [...]

February 14 2011

Video: Biz Apps Ep 15

Check it out, we found some new and useful business applications for your smart phone. From Apple’s iPhone 4 to the Blackberry Bold to the HTC Hero, in this week’s segment of biz apps we have one for almost every mobile operating system out there!! Fast Tube by Casper

February 11 2011

Haughton Beef Festival at the Plaza Heritage Hotel’s Rocksalt Restaurant and Bar

we took our crew down to the Plaza Heritage Hotel and filmed the festivities as Norman the bull from Haughton farms was auctioned off to the highest bidder in the hotel lobby. This event kicked off the Haughton Beef Festival for the month of February at the Plaza Heritage Hotel. To commemorate this event we have created three 30 second TV commercials for you viewing pleasure to promote the festival and we'd like to know which one is your favourite. Please take the quick poll [click link for more]

February 10 2011

Video: Race Update Ep. 15

Who’s leading the Race to a Million? Team Genie? Team Alpha? Perhaps the mysterious Team Nexus? What is each team doing to drive their business’ harder and fuel their profits faster? Find out in episode 15′s Race Update! Fast Tube by Casper

February 08 2011

Video: Business Outside the Box – Plaza Hotel – Ep. 15

If you missed the historic event, the auction of Norman the Bull at the Plaza Heritage Hotel, then you have to watch this video!! We also had a chance to get a few words from the chef at the Plaza, James Havlin and  Tina Lange the General Manager who hosted and planned the whole event [...]

February 07 2011

Video: The Art of Doing Business Series Ep. 14

art_bsuiness_smallCanada’s Mastermind Development Corporation has been working hard to bring you an exciting event in March. It’s called The Art of Doing Business Series!! Happening here in Kamloop’s, you don’t want to miss out on this one!! Check out this video for details, and find them on this website as well under ‘The Art of Doing [...]

Alpha Team Leaderboard Update for February 7, 2011

Team Alpha started off the month on Team TRU's tail at a total of $2382.78 but with their expenses so far has fallen back to a new total of $1141.22.

February 04 2011

Video: Participant Spotlight – Jennifer O’Donnell – Ep. 14

Jennifer Participant PostLearn more about the bright and beautiful Jennifer O’Donnell,  a new member to Team Matrix! Dean had a chance to sit down with her to learn about the latest events and happenings in the life of Jennifer O’Donnell. More than that we introduce you to her business, Design off the Block. Find out more about [...]

February 01 2011

Video: Race Update Ep. 13

Follow the latest strategy’s, get up to speed and stay on top of all the hard core business action that these teams have been doing as we take you on the ground and follow two business meetings to show you the leg work these three teams have been doing. Which team is leading the pack? Find out in this Race update!!!

Fast Tube
Fast Tube by Casper

Video: Sponsor Spotlight – Aberdeen Mall – Ep. 13

Aberdeen Mall has been a huge supporter of the Race to a Million, and we like to show you just how great our sponsors are. So for episode 13 we shine the spotlight on Trish Baldwin, the Marketing and Lease Director for Aberdeen Mall, as she reveals some history and the importance of this mall in it’s 30′th year in business as well as what she see’s looking ahead to the future!!

Fast Tube
Fast Tube by Casper

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