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December 14 2010

Submitted Idea – Community year round open market

This is what Dan Stoddart calls an open market and it’s definitely an idea worth one of our stylish Race to a Million t-shirt plus an entry into the $10,000 dollar draw in July of 2011. This idea brings together modern store front shops with the old fashion “flea market” feel, good job Dan, keep up the creative thinking!!!!

Idea Title:
Community year round open market

Dan Stoddart from Osoyoos

Idea Summary:
Using one of the empty large footage buildings in the south Okanagan, theme the inside to match the early days (1920′s) in a street scene. Split it into small store footage for the full time entrepreneur to start his/her business in a low overhead setting with a concourse area available for community functions.

Idea Description:
Buy-Low in Oliver is 20,000 square feet break it into a horseshoe with booths surrounding a common area. Would be the close to Granville Island’s idea that would offer a destination for tourists while allowing for affordable footage for the new serious business over.

Have a full set of plans drawn up for this

CMDC Comments:
We love the idea Dan, it reminds us of an indoor year round “flea market”, it would be a good place for a home based business or fund raising group to get some exposure. Along with that it’s something that can give back to the community.

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