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January 18 2011

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Christmas Social and Trade Show Ep. 12

In this video we head up to the Kamloops Convention Centre for the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Christmas Business Trade Show and Social. We interviewed several business professionals from Kamloops about the benefits and value they receive from being members of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and found out what some of these local business owners think of the Race to a Million.

Check out this great 10 minute video on the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce!

We invite you to also submit the benefits and reasons why you would consider being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce in the comments area below this article.

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We’d like to thank the following people for joining us on camera:

  1. Deb McClelland, Executive Director of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
  2. Shawn Haley, Owner of Erwins Bakery
  3. Kimberly Watt-Senner, President of Everything Organized
  4. Sarah Samson, Sales Representative of Black Creek Ranch
  5. Lorilee Sweeney & Mikkie Nettles of Kamloops Fit Centre
  6. Daniel Ruzic, Resort Experience Coordinator of Sunpeaks Resort
  7. Murray Redmond, CIBC Imperial Services
  8. Mike Grenier, Developer of Tobiano
  9. Berry Salter, Owner of Zero Tolerance DD’s
  10. Lisa Henson, Owner of Beauty Code Boutique
  11. Cherie Rensing, Owner of Celtic Fire Design
  12. Bill Jackson, Owner of Cuz I’m Magic

December 08 2010

Video: Why should you join the Chamber of Commerce?

Why should you join the Chamber of Commerce? Deb McClelland the Executive Director of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce joins us in this video to share the answer to this question and several others. Whether you’re looking for business networking opportunities, business mentorship, educational opportunities, money saving benefits such as group insurance benfits, or government advocacy for your business the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start. The Kamloops Chamber also offers a 5 Month course called Power Hour for business building strategies twice a year. Chamber advocacy programs work on behalf of business to affect a positive change for everyone. Let’s face it … business affects everybody not just business owners, it affects consumers, employees and the whole community. Check out the video and consider supporting the great work that the local Chamber of Commerce does.

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Fast Tube by Casper

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